FileShredder Mac App Store User Reviews Update

Rev. Aaron Peters, OSB ★★★★★

by aaronosb (United States) – Version 2.1 – 8 August 2018

This is a wonderful little application for deleting files and anything else your little heart wants to get get rid of “File Shredder 2.1 does exactly what the creators say it will do. It is a jewel of an application. I feel much safer with its operation when deleting files or applications.” It’s the best thing on the market yet.

Fait le boulot ★★★★★

by Aalin (France) – Version 2.1 – 19 June 2018

Fait le boulot

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Does the job ★★★★★

by Aalin (France) – Version 2.1 – 19 June 2018

Does the job ]

Does what it sayes on the packet ★★★★★

by SIXPENCE569 (United Kingdom) – Version 2.1 – 30 May 2018

Good easy to use only issue was when it was awaiting the tedious Apple verification process but it gets there in the end

Great App only needs 1 thing ★★★★


All-in-One Year Calendar App Store User Reviews Update

Mr ★★★★★

by Manuelomarbecerra76 (United States) – Version 3.0.2 – 14 July 2018

Perfect Calendar.

Muy buena ★★★★★

by LUISA CASTILLORAMIREZ (Mexico) – Version 3.1.1 – 8 July 2018

Muy útil.

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Very good ★★★★★

by LUISA CASTILLORAMIREZ (Mexico) – Version 3.1.1 – 8 July 2018

Very useful. ]

Very useful app ★★★★★

by Dgbmcc (United Kingdom) – Version 3.1.1 – 26 June 2018

very helpful app to see the big diary picture…

iPhone ★★★★★


Calendar Color Picker App Store User Reviews Update

Very handy ★★★★

by Trabean (South Africa) – Version 2.1 – 31 May 2018

Great app. Love being able to colour code my calendar.

Really a must have app. ★★★★★

by Manic Bobo (United States) – Version 2.1 – 28 April 2018

Been using this for a couple of years now. This app lets you change the colors to what you want for your calendars. I currently run 13 calendars in my ios calendars on my X ifone. This app gives enough variation I can use a variety of different blues for each family member, browns for household, yellows for work, red for important, white for tasks, various greens for girlfriends, etc etc, varieties not offered by the native calendar. Well worthwhile if you want more color control!!

The Best ★★★★★

by yimarCoromoto (Mexico) – Version 2.1 – 21 February 2018

Loveeeeee the way I can add colors to my icalender ♥️😊♥️

Exactly what it says it is ★★★★★

by fursarahelise (United States) – Version 2.1 – 20 February 2018

Great app- no problems with it- reliable, color options from any spectrum. Highly recommend


All-in-One Year Calendar App Store User Reviews Update

Very useful App. ★★★★

by Cliff McMullan (United Kingdom) – Version 3.0.2 – 20 June 2016

Giving 4 Stars, would have been 5 if was able to sync across my Apple devices. Enjoying recent improvements..thanks team!

Buenísima buenísima buenísima ★★★

by James Bond. (Spain) – Version 3.0.2 – 15 June 2016

Lástima que no la hagan también para el iPhone 6, ya que ahora tiene una pantalla mucho mayor y seria muy útil tenerla en el dispositivo.

Espero que se animen y la hagan compatible.

La quinta estrella, cuando este disponible para iPhone 6.

De esta nota hace ya más de 2 años desde que la comente la primera vez. Muy buenas intenciones pero no la ponen.

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Lovely lovely lovely ★★★

by James Bond. (Spain) – Version 3.0.2 – 15 June 2016

Too bad they do not also for the iPhone 6, as he now has a much larger and would be very useful to have it on the device screen.

I hope you will encourage and make it compatible.

The fifth star when it is available for iPhone 6.

This note over 2 years ago from that comment the first time. Very good intentions but do not put. ]


FileShredder Mac App Store User Reviews Update

Macbook Air ★★★★★

by Ezio Auditore_09 (Poland) – Version 1.1 – 25 May 2016

Great app to delate, destroy junk files from the recycle bin.

Great app ★★★★★

by trayNTP (United States) – Version 1.1 – 22 May 2016

To gauge progress, I recommend watching both the numerical countdown on the app’s icon AND the file size displayed in Finder for each individual file. It’s very satisfying to see a 500MB file, for example, shrink down to 400, 300, 200, 50MB, before it vanishes. Without a progress bar built into the app, that’s the best way to do it to satisfy your need to know if the app is actually performing, and how fast.

Muy útil!!! ★★★★★

by Altvisio (Spain) – Version 1.1 – 17 May 2016

Recomiendo a todo!

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Very useful!!! ★★★★★

by Altvisio (Spain) – Version 1.1 – 17 May 2016

I recommend to all! ]

It seems to work – Worth the price ★★★★