The original file shredder - the top streamlined deletion software since 2011 and the first to develop the innovative right-click method, optimized for maximum speed and efficiency. With just a simple click or drag, you can securely delete sensitive documents, or quickly erase files and free up space bypassing the Trash on your Mac, USB stick, or any other external drive. FileShredder provides an easy solution for removing any file right away from your computer.

Right-Click (Secondary Click) to Delete Permanently

  • Launch the app to add Shred and Secure Shred to the Finder Context Menu.
  • Simply right-click on a file or folder on the desktop, in the Trash, or in any other Finder window, and select Shred or Secure Shred to delete permanently. No app relaunching is required.

Drag-and-Drop to Delete Permanently

  • You can also drag-and-drop items onto the app icon on the dock. No app launching is required.
  • In Preferences, configure whether Secure Shred is used for the drag-and-drop method.
  • Please do not use drag-and-drop to delete aliases or symbolic links. The operating system will instruct the app to delete the original files rather than the aliases or links.

Secure Deletion Algorithm

  • In Preferences, choose from four algorithms for Secure Shred: 1 pass (fastest), 3 passes, 7 passes (DoD standard), or 35 passes (Gutmann deletion, safest).
  • Handles many special cases.

Confirmation Dialog

  • In Preferences, choose whether to ask for confirmation before deletion.
  • A confirmation dialog will always be shown before deleting an entire drive.

Deletion Indicator

  • Dock icon counts down the number of items remaining.
  • In Preferences, choose whether a sound effect plays after completion.

Emergency Stop

  • Press the Abort button on the app's dock menu or quit the app (⌘Q) to stop further deletion.
Q: What is the difference between Shred and Secure Shred?
A: While both options skip the Trash to permanently delete files from the Mac, Secure Shred also overwrites the data on the hard drive so that it cannot be recovered whatsoever. Shred deletes much faster since it doesn't overwrite the data on the hard drive, but the files may be recoverable until your computer reuses that space on the hard drive.
Here is an analogy for comparing different methods of deletion:
  • Move to Trash (⌘+delete) = throw items on your trash pile (you can retrieve them if you need them again)
  • Shred = shred items in a shredder (to save space, quicker than secure shred, protects against snooping, files become harder to recover as time passes)
  • Secure Shred = shred items in a shredder and then set them on fire (so they are completely destroyed)