Calendar Color Picker™

Since you cannot color code each event in the built-in Calendar app, why not instead create multiple calendars to categorize your events?
Choose whichever colors you want—from a whole palette of colors—for your calendars and their events on your iPhone™, iPod Touch™, or iPad™.

  • Manage calendars at the same time: edit calendar names, create and delete local or iCloud calendars.
  • Supports all calendars added on the device, including iCloud, Exchange, Google, Facebook, Outlook, Yahoo, iCal, and CalDAV. (.ics is excluded for now.)
  • Colors will update on your built-in Calendar app and other third party apps that sync with the built-in Calendar app.

Please note: This app is not a calendar. It assigns colors to calendars, and all the events within a calendar will share the same color. Use this app to create and color code different calendars for different areas of your life, then use the built-in calendar app or a third party calendar app to assign events to the color-coded calendars.

In-app purchase: Reminder Color Picker