FileShredder Availability Notice and Mac App Store User Reviews Final Update

As many of you have noticed, FileShredder is no longer available on the Mac App Store. When we tried to update the app last year to fix a minor compatibility issue with macOS Catalina, Apple rejected the update and then took down the entire app. After months of back-and-forth with the App Store Review Team, we were told the final decision that “Applications that securely delete files are no longer viable for the Mac App Store.” While Apple likely has their reasons for this policy, we believe there is still value to FileShredder for ease of removal of unwanted files securely from Macs and external drives.

We hope to re-release FileShredder outside of the Mac App Store in the future. We will be looking into setting up our own storefront for selling the app, and updating it to work accordingly. Stay tuned for more information. If you would like to be notified of updates, please contact us at

Note that if you have previously purchased FileShredder, you may continue to download the old version on the Mac App Store from your purchase history. If you install the app on additional Macs, please choose to pay for additional licenses using the Support FileShredder menu in the app. Thanks.


I like it ★★★★★
by Aleesali (United States) – Version 2.1 – 23 August 2019
It does what it says…even big apps.

Very good so far ★★★★
by donbvs (United States) – Version 2.1 – 22 August 2019
I bought the app several weeks ago on the strength of reviews and reported ease of use. I’ve used it many times and it seems to work perfectly. But as others have stated, I really don’t know if it shreds to the extent it claims. I’m going on faith. If I could confirm its shred power, I’d give it five stars.

Bargain price but works like a luxury item ★★★★★
by ertyuiuytred (United States) – Version 2.1 – 11 July 2019
Actually surprised at how well File Shredder worked.
I am NOT a computer nerd, but was able to download it and get it installed on my 2014 MacBook Pro’s “dock”.
Using its Drag-and-Drop feature, I was able to simply “feed” it folders of unwanted stuff, knowing that the entire folder was GONE.
Since Apple did away with “Secure Empty Trash” this is a great, and inexpensive, replacement.

Privacy Policy ★
by 123abcxyz123 (United States) – Version 2.1 – 10 July 2019
1) Why is there NO Privacy Policy in this Apple Store listing OR VoidTech’s website?

2) Why has my eMail to VoidTech asking for a link to or copy of VoidTech’s Privacy Policy go unanswered?

[ VT: Hi, we responded to your email but received “Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender”.
Privacy policy is here:
Terms of Use is Apple’s standard terms of use, available at:]

by Roho18 (United States) – Version 2.1 – 2 May 2019
Great app to replace the missing secure empty trash in Mac OS. Reasonable price for the added security. I would recommend to other Mac users.

Easy to use does it’s job! ★★★★★
by Den hop (United States) – Version 2.1 – 21 February 2019
Good product. It does its job well

Great, consistently reliable app ★★★★★
by McLearner (United States) – Version 2.1 – 31 January 2019
…have had only consistent, reliable results with FileShredder. I couldn’t be more pleased. I highly recommend it, most particularly since Mac’s operating system doesn’t feature a comparable.

Works Great ★★★★★
by Usopp (United States) – Version 2.1 – 6 January 2019
Easy to use and script with Services

Does what it says ★★★★★
by DeBEAR Done It (United States) – Version 2.1 – 1 January 2019
I’ve had a good hacker try to recover something, and it COULD NOT be recovered. Not to say this person is the final aqnsewer, but the attempt at my request was enough for my peace of mind.

Very useful on external ★★★★★
by MaryLU23 (Germany) – Version 2.1 – 17 December 2018
Very useful on external devices for me.

Works very well ★★★★★
by Joe,M (United States) – Version 2.1 – 7 December 2018
I havent tested how effective it actually is but it is easy to use and I havent had any problems with it.

Love It ★★★★★
by TheLiving (United States) – Version 2.1 – 4 December 2018
Looked at a lot of secure shredding apps and read a lot of reviews before I picked this one. The things I love are the price and the fact that it has a progress icon so you can see where you are in the shredding process. I also like that I can choose different levels of security depending on what I’m getting rid of. Like others, I keep it on my dock next to the trash bin for easy access.

Great App! ★★★★
by Jflyy (United States) – Version 2.1 – 6 November 2018
No complaints! This app shows which docs are in queue for deletion and notifies you when it is completed. This is the first that I have tried & I have no need for any other!

just works ★★★★★
by Davidwalljones (United Kingdom) – Version 2.1 – 27 October 2018
love this little app

Brilliantly simple. ★★★★★
by Likeable Louie (United Kingdom) – Version 2.1 – 20 October 2018
Simply brilliant.

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