More Fantastic User Reviews of Holiday Year Calendar from the App Store

Simple and very useful  ★★★★★

by Rune Haugland (Norway) – Version 1.2 – 25 October 2010

This app is wonderfully simple to use, and does its thing spot on. Rune, Norway

Nice fun app  ★★★★★

by Syevie (UK) – Version 1.2 – 25 October 2010

I like it. I like fiddling with colours and patterns over dates. Like half term for the kids etc I can map out all holidays in one colour and still mark over them with another.

Also it does 2011 too so still a good buy even though I initially thought it was 2010 only. But it carries on.

You can add info to dates so you remember why you marked that date with a tiny heart/star etc.

Overall a nice easy to use app.

CEO’s stress less helper.  ★★★★★

by Tory39H (Australia) – Version 1.1 – 24 October 2010


Version 1.2 is Now Available

Holiday Year Calendar version 1.2 is released today. One major update in this version is several export functions, which let you send your calendar to family, friends, or your boss easily through in-app email, and more. We also added an option to quickly manage markups for consecutive days in a row or column within a month by simply dragging your finger across them. This comes in handy when you want to apply markups for several days in a row, all the Tuesdays for some reason, or an entire month, etc. In addition to a few other small features, we have put a user manual and some FAQ into the Help page to be more user friendly. Hope you guys will like it.