All-in-One Year Calendar Version 2.0 Available in the App Store Now!

Thanks to the release of iOS 4.2, we can finally support syncing with iPad’s built-in Calendar app and external calendars set up on the device, such as Exchange, MobileMe, Google, and CALDav calendars. Version 2.0 also includes features like markup legend, fiscal week numbers, and navigation buttons that many users strongly requested.

A brand new icon was also created because of the frequent “year 2010 only” confusion from the users. The original app icon was designed to show the current year number like how the Calendar app shows today’s day number. Anyways, we hope you’ll like the new app icon.

As the number of features grows in this app, we should all agree that it deserves a new name: All-in-One Year Calendar, for sync, events, markups, notes, holidays, birthdays, fiscal week number, email, print, tons of calendar personalization, and more. But it doesn’t stop here, we will continue to add more exciting new features!

Thank you for all your support and have a great holiday season!