FileShredder Mac App Store User Reviews Update

Outstanding tool ★★★★★
by John Dubya (United States) – Version 1.1 – 18 December 2014

Anyone needing to store confidential data and delete it from time to time should have this.

It does what It’s supposed to do ★★★★★
by Picklepop (United States) – Version 1.1 – 3 December 2014

I bought and tried two other “similar” apps before finding FileShredder. Not only did they not work, they put me through irritating, unnecessary, and unproductive work. They wasted my time. FileShredder is different. It works, and I have no hesitation in rating it highly.

Try it you won’t be sorry. ★★★★★
by DanD (United States) – Version 1.1 – 4 November 2014

I got this app two weeks ago and I’m so happy to spend $4.99 for it help me so much which I was looking for this app. Thanks

This App Reminds me of a Sniper….Quick and Easy ★★★★★
by The Other Scribe….. (United States) – Version 1.1 – 7 October 2014

I recommend this app to anyone that want to destroy any unwanted files on their Mac. My trash bin wouldn’t empty and my computer kept re-booting….I got sick and tired of it and went to the app store….I saw this app…read some reviews…I don’t remember what i paid for it but it was worth it. I delete large files of unwanted audio ( I’m in the music industry ) Quick and easy…Love it….. 5 stars

Shred it….. ★★★★★
by SoggyLizard (United Kingdom) – Version 1.1 – 4 October 2014

Very simple…..I had some large files that the mac system could not delete. Tried all sorts of delete options, but nothing. But then I tried this app and, BANG, job done. Fast, simple, the way an app should be. Happy days.

Great shredder luv it ★★★★★
by * Scotia * :) (United Kingdom) – Version 1.1 – 31 August 2014

Yes its great luv it thanks

Best and easiest to use ★★★★★
by stolendreams (United States) – Version 1.1 – 26 August 2014

This app works great for me and all you have to do is secondary click on the file you want to shred, and the app opens itself “works like magic”. If you want to destroy files forever with the click of a button get this app !

Great app with 1 minor issue ★★★★
by scottqmarcus (United States) – Version 1.1 – 7 August 2014

I bought this app because I’m paranoid about emptying my trash. As sure as I do, I know there will be some document that I needed so, since I have a large hard drive, I tend to keep things in there virtually “forever.” (What can I say? I’m anal retentive I guess.)

However, for things I know I’ll never need again, I wanted to delete them from my drive without having to empty the entire trash. I bought this and it does the job great! When I don’t want something I drag it to the icon in my doc and it chomps away and makes the document disappear. It clears the drive and it’s satisfying to hear the sound. I’m a happy camper.

The only thing I don’t like is if I am “shredding” several documents from a folder that are not “next” to each other (in other words, to select them I have to use option-click rather than shift-click), it will delete them fine, but then it make the finder window look screwy after it’s done it and removes the horizontal scroll bar. It’s easy enough to fix. I shut down the window and reopen it later and the scroll bar is back.

Real minor issue; and if you’re not anal-retentive it probably won’t bother you at all.

[ VT: The Finder issue is a Mac OS bug. ]

Does just what it’s supposed to do ★★★★★
by John Dubya (United States) – Version 1.1 – 1 August 2014

Outstanding product and great value.

Works great ★★★★★
by Jack2377 (United States) – Version 1.1 – 27 July 2014

Easy to use and works well. Does what it says it will and gets out of your way. You don’t have to leave it running on the dock to use it. I’m using it on Mavericks 10.9.4 currently and it seems to run fine so far.

Does what it sayes on the packet ★★★★★
by SIXPENCE569 (United Kingdom) – Version 1.1 – 24 July 2014

Only issue I would have is that the Secure Shred and shred options need to be easily accessed

[ VT: If your selected item(s) has/have more than 4 available services, then the Mac OS automatically groups all of them under a sub-menu called Services. To maximize the chance of Shred and Secure Shred appearing on the main pop-up, you can disable the services you do not use by unchecking them in System Preferences > Keyboard > Keyboard Shortcuts > Services. ]

Does the job ★★★★★
by nobby74 (United Kingdom) – Version 1.1 – 24 July 2014

Does what it says it will do. It’s always nice when you find an app the does exactly what it claims. THank you.

Great Little Program ★★★★★
by Dash_Stig (United Kingdom) – Version 1.1 – 30 June 2014

Covient little app, especially if you have lots of confidential files.
Well thought out and easy to use.
I am not an data retrieval expert but i haven’t found a way to reterive the files.

Does the job ★★★★★
by nobby74 (United Kingdom) – Version 1.1 – 12 June 2014

Does what it says it will do. THank you

Great App ★★★★★
by Littlejazzbird (Singapore) – Version 1.1 – 6 June 2014

I use this app for most of my file deletes and it works a charm. Worth every penny!

It Works ★★★★
by lajkfsld;f (United States) – Version 1.1 – 3 May 2014

The app works as advertised. I deducted one star because it keeps pestering me with a popup to write a review. Hopefully, this will stop it from doing that.

Add language Russian Misters!!!! Good-❺ ★★★★★
by Bogdan4ik (Russia) – Version 1.1 – 24 April 2014

★★★★★ Набор из необходимых программ для новичков,удобно пользоваться перед продажей например Фотика или Камеры,так как есть в этой прграмме возможность удалять файлы без возможности восстановления,или например флешку другу-подруге даёте,перед этим запускаете эту програму и жмёте Secure-Shred (Полное уничтожение файлов ⚡︎☠) и отдаёте спокойно ему=) Рекомендую!!!! Правда чистое удаление-полное,флешки или с камер фоток видео,уходит более время чем обычно. Могла бы эта программы стоить дешевле! да и можно проще сделать просто забить файлы флешки так же и камеры, перед продажей,например фильмом не очень интересным до полного обьёма флешки))) и потом перезаписать несколько раз и всё))) ну конечно с этой программой удобней будет.

Keine optionale Bestätigungsabfrage ★★★
by carloperare (Germany) – Version 1.1 – 16 April 2014

Es ist eine einfache App zum drag-and-drop shreddern von Datein. Leider gibt es keine, wenigstens optionale, Warnung ob man die Daten wirklich unwiderruflich shreddern möchte. Als app für Drag and Drop finde ich das zu heikel, da man schnell mal etwas aus versehen auf das falsche Icon schiebt, besonders wenn man dieses in der Finder window Toolbar unterbringt.

[ Google Translate:
No optional confirmation query ★★★
by carloperare (Germany) – Version 1.1 – 16 April 2014

It’s a simple app for drag-and-drop shred of files. Unfortunately, there is no, at least optional warning if you really want to shred the data irrevocably. As app for drag and drop, I find the too sensitive because you fancy moves quickly provided to the wrong icon, especially if one takes this in the Finder window toolbar. ]

Účelný s možnostmi nastavení ★★★★★
by honzaBFU (Czech Republic) – Version 1.1 – 8 April 2014

Určen hlavně pro přetahování myší, ale přidává i položky do služeb, takže je dostupný např. i pro vybrané položky v koši. Dobrá investice.

[ Google Translate:
Purposeful settings options ★★★★★
by honzaBFU (Czech Republic) – Version 1.1 – 8 April 2014

Designed mainly for drag and drop, but also adds an item to the service, so it is available eg. For selected items in the trash. Good investment. ]

Excellent Utility ★★★★★
by @michaeloizakos (United Kingdom) – Version 1.1 – 14 March 2014

In my opinion, the software is a fantastic utility to quickly remeove unwanted documents from your home folder without them cluttering up valueable space which could be used for other data, in order to not have to constantly acquire new external storage space. I would certainly recommend it to other Mac users.

Programm funktioniert und tut was es soll ★★★★★
by ARD. (Germany) – Version 1.1 – 24 February 2014

Dieses Programm funktioniert einwandfrei und ohne Probleme.
Wünschenswert wäre es, wenn man an der Optik etwas pfeilen würde.
( Als Anregung: Siehe Shredder auf „Dexters“ MacBook in der TV Serie Dexter [Staffel4] )

[ Google Translate:
Program works and does what it is supposed ★★★★★
by ARD. (Germany) – Version 1.1 – 24 February 2014

This program works fine with no problems.
It would be desirable if one were to look at the arrows would be something.
(As a suggestion: See Shredder on “Dexter” MacBook in the TV series Dexter [Staffel4]) ]

Keine Systembelastung, keine Abstürze ★★★★
by StefanStrecker (Germany) – Version 1.1 – 16 February 2014

Bislang keinerlei Probleme, bei mehreren GB geschreddertem Material. CPU-Auslastung bei 2%, d.h. der Rechner arbeitet ohne Leistungseinbuße. Fortschrittsbalken im Icon wäre wünschenswert.

[ Google Translate:
No system load, no crashes ★★★★
by StefanStrecker (Germany) – Version 1.1 – 16 February 2014

So far no problems, shredded at several GB material. CPU usage at 2%, that is, the computer works without performance degradation. Progress bar in the Icon would be desirable. ]

Does a good job and is reliable ★★★★★
by jnbindallas (United States) – Version 1.1 – 19 January 2014

This app does an excellent job of removing securely any file that I have fed it so far. It runs smoothly and disposes of file quicker than “secure empty” in Finder. It simply works as advertised and I would recommend it.

Useful ,Quick and tiny program for cleaning trash! ★★★★★
by Loukta07 (Thailand) – Version 1.1 – 12 December 2013

with this small program. I can secure empty trash very quickly.

Tut was es soll !! ★★★★★
by 22tigris (Germany) – Version 1.1 – 28 October 2013

So mag ich das! Die App belastet mein System überhaupt nicht! Andere Anwendungen laufen einwandfrei während im Hintergrund geschreddert wird :D ! Den unteren Kommentaren kann ich nur zustimmen !!!

[ Google Translate:
Does what it is supposed !! ★★★★★
by 22tigris (Germany) – Version 1.1 – 28 October 2013

So I like that! The app did not load my system! Other applications run properly over shredded in the background: D! The comments below I can only agree !!! ]

Excellent ★★★★★
by K.Ritik (United Kingdom) – Version 1.1 – 16 October 2013

Five stars, what more do you need to know.

Convenient ★★★★★
by TharkunOlorin (United States) – Version 1.1 – 1 October 2013

Easy functionality. Gives you the shred option where you’d expect it to be.

great app ★★★★★
by travelerto (Taiwan) – Version 1.1 – 30 September 2013

it saved me. Sometimes the trash cannot be emptied. this app can do the job and save your life

Хорошая программа ★★★★★
by AKuz87 (Ukraine) – Version 1.1 – 8 September 2013

Анимация удаления файлов не помешала бы.

[ Google Translate:
A good program ★★★★★
by AKuz87 (Ukraine) – Version 1.1 – 8 September 2013

Animation deleting files would not stir. ]

Great little shredder ★★★★★
by Tom Frenock (United States) – Version 1.1 – 2 August 2013

This app is perfect! Inexpensive, works well, offers right-click menu option. What more can you want?

BTW, I use this app multiple times every day. I no longer use my Mac OS trash for routine deletions. Love it!

Works Great! ★★★★★
by Bsinky (United States) – Version 1.1 – 30 July 2013

Works great, I like that you can right click and send it to the shredder without having the app up and running. It would be cool with animation, but that is just cosmetic over functionality is perfect!

Golden shredder ★★★★
by Oneworlder (United Kingdom) – Version 1.1 – 2 July 2013

Definitely worth the money. It does what I paid for and seems to do it well. My only complaint is that I can’t always find the ‘Shred’ and ‘Secure Shred’ commands in the contextual menu when I right-click on a file. Sometimes these are buried in the Services menu and sometimes they aren’t there at all. When this is the case I drag the file(s) I want to shred onto the app’s icon – and that works fine.

[ VT: If your selected item(s) has/have more than 4 available services, then the Mac OS automatically groups all of them under a sub-menu called Services. To maximize the chance of Shred and Secure Shred appearing on the main pop-up, you can disable the services you do not use by unchecking them in System Preferences > Keyboard > Keyboard Shortcuts > Services.

Secondly, if you have selected more than 1000 files or folders, the Finder Context Menu will not show any services at all. You can instead drag them onto the app’s dock icon, delete them in batches, or move them into a separate folder and shred the folder. ]

Awesome Shredder!!! ★★★★★
by Marilyn.j (United States) – Version 1.1 – 21 June 2013

Awesome, Easy to Use & Quick Access. I don’t have to worry about Security quite as much!

Easy, works well ★★★★★
by Thrillerator (United States) – Version 1.1 – 2 May 2013

Easy to use, integrates well with Finder, very useful and unobtrusive.

Really Nice app ★★★★
by PCtech4u (United States) – Version 1.1 – 24 April 2013

I hardly ever give out a 5 star, I give this a 4 star which to me (MAC/PC certified Tech) is a high rating! The app has right click integration and simple works. It does one thing (one of two ways) and does it REALLY WELL Shred or Shred securly. That it Now the only things I throw in the trash are things I may want back Great APP!

Great app! ★★★★★
by Adriana Gaitan (United States) – Version 1.1 – 18 April 2013

Quick,simple and effective application. Easy to use,does exactly what it says.

Works! ★★★★
by Commcent (United States) – Version 1.1 – 12 April 2013

This includes a file menu option for both “shred” and “secure shred”. The former obviously doesn’t take more than a couple seconds but the latter can take longer, depending on the amount of wipes you use (LOL) or have set in the app’s Preferences, and the size of the file being wiped. :)

Seems to do what it says ★★★★
by Blackrose66 (United Kingdom) – Version 1.1 – 10 April 2013

Seems fine, have had no problems and shreds everthing I tell it to. have not tried to get a file back, but all seems to work. One little thing and its just a cosmetic thing, I would love it to make a shredder noise when it does its thing, just cause I like the noise :) there is something satisfying about it, sad I know.

Easy to use and excellent for SDD drives. ★★★★★
by Eduard3 (Australia) – Version 1.1 – 10 April 2013

I always wanted to erase confidential documents I no longer need, without damaging the SDD drive unnessesarly – and not pay too much. With FileShredder in the dock.. it’s very easy to use. I set it so that it does a secure shred when dragging any file into it – and the option to ‘overwrite once’, so the SDD’s life isn’t reduced for no good reason.

Great app — great peace of mind ★★★★★
by auditd0rk (United States) – Version 1.1 – 4 April 2013

Works just as advertised. I placed it right on my dock and drag-and-drop files for fast, secure shredding. Definitely worth a few bucks to know that my private files are permanently erased from my harddrive.

A good nifty program ★★★★★
by Mat6712 (United States) – Version 1.1 – 25 March 2013

With the options of One, Seven and Thirty Five shredder passes; this is a nice little shredder program for the price. I mostly use it with the Thirty Five passes for very personal information and it performs the job well.

Great App ★★★★★
by lojar2 (United States) – Version 1.1 – 27 February 2013

This a great, easy app for securely deleting files.

Mouai ★★
by Max7775 (France) – Version 1.1 – 25 February 2013

Application pratique, mais pas d’animation comme dans la fameuse série “Dexter” ou l’on voit le document se couper en lambeaux…J’espère qu’une mise à jour sera disponible pour avoir cela!

[ Google Translate:
Yeah ★★
by Max7775 (France) – Version 1.1 – 25 February 2013

Practical application, but not animated as in the famous series “Dexter” where we see the document cut to shreds … I hope an update will be available for that! ]

Excellent App! ★★★★★
by gstuedler (United States) – Version 1.1 – 9 February 2013

…one of the very few I can highly recommend. It removes files quickly and completely in a very secure manner. The proof is in running a file retrieval program afterwards to see if they really were removed. And they were…

FileShredder ★★★★★
by Boricua1012 (United States) – Version 1.1 – 23 January 2013

It’s worth the money and its simple to use. I have a Recover Software and every time I use FileShrdder vs Trash… I’m able to recover the files I place on the Trash. The sensitive files I’ve shredded with File Shredder are permanently deleted. I feel secure using FielShredder and definitely will recommend it to others.

Great App ★★★★★
by liketodokateupton (United States) – Version 1.1 – 23 December 2012

I don’t need to talk about this app. This app sells itself. So much better then that stupid trash thing apple comes with.

Einfach, schnell & sicher ★★★★
by Mischa Göttinger (Germany) – Version 1.1 – 7 December 2012

Habe nach einem Tool gesucht um auf dem NAS hinterlegte Dateien zuverlässig zu löschen.

Bei gemounteten Laufwerken (intern, USB, etc.) ist das unter OS X problemlos ab Haus möglich. Wahlweise über Finder (->Einstellungen->Erweitert->Papierkorb sicher entleeren) oder im Festplattendienstprogramm freien Speicher mehrfach überschreiben lassen. Aber bei Netzwerklaufwerken war mir keine Ab-Werk-Lösung bekannt. Hier schafft File Shredder Abhilfe! Geht einfach, schnell und zuverlässig!

Wünschenswert wäre lediglich eine übersichtlichere Fortschrittsanzeige.

[ Google Translate:
Simple, fast ★★★★
by Mischa Göttinger (Germany) – Version 1.1 – 7 December 2012

Have for a wanted to delete files stored on the NAS reliable tool.

When mounted drives (internal, USB, etc.) is possible in OS X easily from the house. Alternatively via Finder (-> Settings-> Advanced-> Secure Empty Trash) or to overwrite multiple times in the Disk Utility free memory. But with network drives me no ex-solution was known. Here, File Shredder to the rescue! Is quick, easy and reliable!

It would be desirable merely a clearer progress bar. ]

Cumpre o que promete. ★★★★★
by Eduardo Faria rj (Brazil) – Version 1.1 – 13 November 2012

Eficiente e simples. Uso a muito tempo.

E com certeza vale muito mais a pena do que os outros por ai, pois são muito mais caros, para fazer a mesma coisa.

[ Google Translate:
Delivers what it promises. ★★★★★
by Eduardo Faria rj (Brazil) – Version 1.1 – 13 November 2012

Efficient and simple. Use a long time.

And certainly more worth than the others out there, they are much more expensive to do the same thing. ]

Petite application bien pratique ★★★★★
by Le Blog de Lise (France) – Version 1.1 – 10 November 2012

FileShredder est une application bien pratique qui permet de supprimer facilement des fichiers, de façon sécurisée ou non.
On peut l’utiliser avec un clic droit (ctrl + clic) sur le ou les fichiers à supprimer ou avec un glisser/déplacer vers l’icône de l’app.

Je la trouve juste un petit peu cher…

[ Google Translate:
Handy little app ★★★★★
by Le Blog de Lise (France) – Version 1.1 – 10 November 2012

FileShredder is a handy application that makes it easy to delete files, or securely non.
One can use it with a right click (ctrl click) on the file or files to delete or drag / move icon the app.

I just found a little expensive … ]

Does a great job completely and permanently deleting files. ★★★★★
by Cpt_Knobblesworth (United States) – Version 1.1 – 1 November 2012

This app does what it’s supposed to do. Completely removing a file and every aspect of it so it is 100% removed from your system and can’t be restored later. This is helpful for many reasons, from having multiple users on a computer, selling a computer, bringing it in for service where people might snoop, what have you. Just back everything up to disc or external hard drive and then permanently delete it from your system with this app. Note, that this app is only used for files and such, not for deleting apps. If you need to delete apps you should look up a different app for that, something like AppCleaner (which I believe is available as a web download), or something else available through the app store would suit your needs in that case.

Greay app ★★★★★
by Gary Parker (United Kingdom) – Version 1.1 – 2 October 2012

It does what a file shredder should do. Easy to use.

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      I purchased your fine product for my Intel Mac that no longer supports another “Secure Delete” product I had been using. There was a pop up window on the previous “Secure Delete” product that asked for confirmation whenever an item was dragged onto its icon. This gave me assurance not to accidently permanently delete an important item.
      I haven’t found that feature on FileShredder. If it exists please tell me or consider including it in some future upgrade.

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