Calendar Color Picker App Store User Reviews Update

Exactly what I needed ★★★★★
by 11Kitty11 (United States) – Version 1.2 – 18 November 2013

I run 16 calendars on my device. This is exactly what I needed *\(^o^)/*

Fixes unreadable iOS7 colors ★★★★★
by Marketeer 22 (United States) – Version 1.2 – 19 September 2013

I don’t know what 3-year-old on acid picked the tone-on-tone color schemes for iOS 7 Calendar, but this app helped a lot. It pacified my frustration, and helped me avoid a downgrade back to iOS 6. Worth the money to fix those candy-colored pastels. The weren’t just ugly, but they were noisy and stressful on the eyes.

3 Little Words ★★★★★
by Daniella C. (Canada) – Version 1.2 – 18 September 2013


Great app ★★★★★
by jzur26 (Colombia) – Version 1.2 – 13 September 2013

Love the options!

App does not work with subscription calendars ★★★★★
by DarrenSquires (United States) – Version 1.2 – 9 September 2013

Emailed support as product does not work with subscribed calendars.

Quick response, team was aware of issue and it is an Apple issue.

Works as designed but not fully ★★★★
by Flexigem (Germany) – Version 1.2 – 12 June 2013

I seeked a solution to change my fixes CalDAV Colors in my calendar app and this app certainly does it very well. Dont know why Apple makes it so difficult. However changing the Birthday colour seems not to function. Will see if Facebook Events are handled correctly in a few days.

Awesome App! ★★★★★
by 3barrels, 2hearts, 1dream (Canada) – Version 1.2 – 6 May 2013

This app is Ashume!

Just Right ★★★★★
by JPmft (United States) – Version 1.2 – 15 March 2013

Excellent app. Does what it says with no hitches. Great addition to the native iPad calendar. I am a very busy therapist with 8 to 10 appts a day. This app lets me add the extra colors I need to decipher my complex scheduling needs with intakes, reschedules, open slots, etc. I have no reservations recommending this app. (As an aside… Ignore the folks who complain this isn’t a calendar app. It’s not supposed to be. It’s a great add on!) Good job!

Great App ★★★
by Hitch63 (United States) – Version 1.2 – 1 February 2013

Very useful

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