App Store Reviews for Holiday Year Calendar

Here are some of the user reviews from around the world:

Holiday Year Calendar–1.0 – ★★★★★
by LikeableLarry (United States) – Version 1.0 – 04 August 2010

This is going to be one of the best apps that you will ever buy! If you are in business or in any other profession that requires you to plan far in advance— THIS is the program for you! With one glance you will be able to see what or where you have to be for the ENTIRE year. Flip the page and you can see your entire 2011 itinerary, flip the page again to see 2012, etc.. Note– this program is not offered for the I-Phone, and if it were, it really wouldn’t work—it’s made for the Pad. This is a super program for what it does—I sincerely tip my hat to the people made it!!!

BTW—-The name of this program is TOTALLY misleading in that it’s not a program JUST for recording and highlighting holidays— I could care less about that feature. Personally I would change the name of the program to something more like—Your Yearly Schedule At A Glance. Also BTW—if your the boss, you can use the different colors and icons to track other peoples schedules for the year.

Gr8 – ★★★★★
by Bek777 (United States) – Version 1.0 – 04 August 2010

Fun, easy, useful

Neat! Very cool – ★★★★★
by Zincc (Canada) – Version 1.0 – 07 August 2010

Pretty useful for planning yearly events, and really like the ability to customize appearance. I have my son’s pic as background and can use it as a calendar photo frame too. :) thanks

by Apiezas (Spain) – Version 1.0 – 04 August 2010

Es genial. Llamadme clásico. Pero tener en una pantalla la visión del todo el año es fundamental. Colorear las fechas, ponerle notas, da mucho juego. De verdad dinero bien empleado. Una única duda o pero. No veo el año que viene…CORRIJO. El servicio técnico me lo aclaró. Con dos dedos pasas de derecha a izqda. Y al revés para ir atrás en los años. Doble toque en la barra y vuelves a tu año. Subo a 5 estrellas

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SUPER – ★★★★★
by Apiezas (Spain) – Version 1.0 – 04 August 2010

It’s great. Call me traditional. But having a screen the vision of the whole year is critical. Coloring the dates, put notes, gives a lot of game. Really money well spent. A single question or but. I do not see next year … correct. The service said it to me. With two fingers pass from right to LEFT. And vice versa to go back over the years. Double tap on the bar and back to your years. I give 5 stars]

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