Great Initial Feedback

We received the first feedback email for the Holiday Year Calendar app on the first day of launching, it started with “FANTASTIC—I love this program.” He said two of the people he showed it to want an iPad now because of  our program! Another user told us finally he can easily change dates and see when his son is coming to stay. That’s great! We are excited to hear how our app can help out. After all, it’s about creating something useful while still fun and attractive.

A few users also asked if the app works for iPhone/iPod Touch. Sorry, iPad only for now. The huge screen of the iPad is exactly what allows the main feature of the app, otherwise, it’d be another monthly calendar. But I understand it’s nice to keep a copy of the yearly schedule on-the-go, so we will consider it. For now, maybe take a screenshot, and put it in your iPhone’s Photos?