All-in-One Year Calendar for iPhone App Store User Reviews

Finally on iphone, thank you!! ★★★★★
by mkify (United Kingdom) – Version 1.0 – 6 September 2018
Best, simplest, quick, easy on the eye, month/year view mark-up planner. Have been hoping for 4 years it was coming from iPad to iPhone. Just want to see 6 months ahead and markups, not ios non- distinct bland cal that all the others copy. Great job

Worth the wait! ★★★★★
by Planning Dude (United States) – Version 1.0 – 6 September 2018
Great way to keep track of your next weeks, months, years at a glance!
Perfect sync with iPad.

Super, ★★★★★
by EWG123 (Germany) – Version 1.0 – 7 September 2018
Sync mit der IPad Version funktioniert super
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Super, ★★★★★
by EWG123 (Germany) – Version 1.0 – 7 September 2018
Sync with the IPad version works great ]

Calendario 5 estrellas ★
by Fallo aplicación (Spain) – Version 1.0 – 21 September 2018
Odio las suscripciones. Cobren suscripción si quieren, pero también admitan un único pago (15-20 €). Yo lo pagaba, pues la app. lo merece. (La tengo en ipad).
Lo siento. Borrada.
PD: No puedo borrarla. Es demasiado buena.
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5 stars calendar ★
by Fallo aplicación (Spain) – Version 1.0 – 21 September 2018
I hate subscriptions. They pay subscription if they want, but also admit a single payment (€ 15-20). I paid for it, because the app deserves it. (I have it on ipad).
Sorry. Deleted
PS: I can not erase it. It’s too good ]

Awesome ★★★★★
by Pebbs1115 (United States) – Version 1.1 – 25 September 2018
Absolutely love the app!!!!

Perfectly! 👍 ★★★★★
by Monarus (Russian Federation) – Version 1.1 – 5 October 2018
Very handy program !!

Intuitive calendar app ★★★★★
by TrueSnowMan (Canada) – Version 1.1 – 11 October 2018
Have used the app for years on the iPad. New iPhone version also works great and syncs with iPad. Much easier to see events, birthdays, holidays, etc than on the built-in calendar app.

Have to pay??!! ★★★
by Major Eazy (United Kingdom) – Version 1.1 – 25 October 2018
I got the All-In-One Year Calendar for iPad on my 1st Generation iPad with iOS 5 and had it for years. Can’t remember if it was downloaded and installed free or one off payment. Since moving to 6th Generation iPad with iOS 11, I just downloaded it from the Apps Store, without payment.

Every year we would pay for a new paper based diary or calendar. Why? Because they have to be printed every year, ready for the new year. Who would want to carry around a 50 years diary? A digital calendar, after one payment, could display so many years in the future, thanks to computing power.

I downloaded this app, All-In-One Year Calendar for iPhone to go on my iPod Touch, thinking it would be either one off payment or free, like with my iPad version app.

But no! What do I find? You have to pay every month or every year just to use it. What? The app now suddenly is unable to compute next year’s calendar unless you put in a coin in the slot?

I’m deleting the iPhone version app off my iPod. It’s a good thing I downloaded the iPad version long ago, which is showing every years without payment.

I’m giving this a 3 star rating, half way mark, due to the fact that although paying for each year puts me off, I do still like that app (well the iPad version one).

Developer Reply:
Hi Major Eazy,
The app is not simply computing the future years of a calendar. And you give all credits to the computing power but ignore the hard work done by actual human beings.

At the current climate, we can no longer subsidize the cost for users if we were to sustain it. If we charge an appropriate one-time price, it would be hard for someone to purchase it without a trial version. With the subscription model, we are able to offer free trials, phase in the cost to pay for initial app development, and provide on-going customer support, app maintenance and potentially new feature implementations.

Thank you for your honest opinion, and especially for not just brush it off with a 1-star rating. We sincerely hope you can understand the whole situation and support a model that will mutually benefit users and developers for many years to come.

Best Regards,
The VoidTech Team

Extremely useful app ★★★★★
by Big Bald John (United Kingdom) – Version 1.1 – 2 November 2018
I’ve used this app for some years on the iPad and was delighted when it was launched on the iPhone. It is extremely useful for me when plotting the years events, it is so easy and convenient to check and amend entries. I wouldn’t be without it. The customer service is also excellent, very prompt, helpful and courteous service.
Thank you

Great tool for scheduling ★★★★★
by happyuserjerry (Canada) – Version 1.1 – 3 November 2018
Nice to see at a glance your schedule and it sync across our iPad and two iPhones. Very well thought out.

Toller Übersichtskalender leider mit Bezahlabo ★★★★
by Hisnakul (Germany) – Version 1.1 – 5 November 2018
Kalenderapps gibt es wie Sand am Meer. Vernünftige Jahresplaner muss man dagegen mit der Lupe suchen.
So war ich froh auf diese gestoßen zu sein. Vielfältige Markierungsmöglichkeiten und ein PDF Export, der es ermöglicht diesen Plan auch als A0 Poster plotten zu lassen. Die Synchronisation über die iCloud ist gut für den Austausch zwischen Devices. Eine Synchronisation per Dropbox wäre super um den Kalender auch mit Freunden bearbeiten zu können.
Mit einem Dropbox- noch besser beliebigem Cloud-Sync würde ich auch das Bezahlabo als angemessen empfinden. So finde ich knapp 7€ per anno etwas viel.
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Great overview calendar unfortunately with payment subscription ★★★★
by Hisnakul (Germany) – Version 1.1 – 5 November 2018
Calendar apps are like sand on the sea. Reasonable annual planner, however, you have to search with the magnifying glass.
So I was glad to have encountered this. Diverse marking options and a PDF export, which makes it possible to plot this plan as A0 poster. Synchronization over the iCloud is good for sharing between devices. A synchronization via Dropbox would be great to edit the calendar with friends.
With a Dropbox – even better any cloud Sync I would also find the payment subscription as appropriate. So I find just under 7 € per year a bit much. ]

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