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It Does What It Says It Does ★★★★
by Brandon <3 Patrice (United States) – Version 1.2 – 5 November 2012

The app simply does what it says it does. It lets you set a color for each of your calendars. It isn’t limited to the few predefined colors you can pick by default. My only complaint is that if is difficult to get a more vibrant calendar color. With this color picker, the colors are pretty muted. The app does, however, work exactly as it says it will.

•The app lets you assign new colors to your calendars
•The app does not claim to be a calendar itself
•The app does not let you set a different color for every event on a specific calendar, calendars are color coded in iOS and basically every other calendar app I have ever seen
•There are instructions, there is an “i” icon in the top left of the app, clicking on it shows an instructions tab (look at the screen shot above)
•You don’t have to purchase a calendar to use this app, it works with the calendar built into iOS

I read a lot of reviews that concerned me. However, every negative review I have seen was either plain wrong or must not have read the app description. I was looking for a way to use colors for my calendars outside of the few colors Apple provided by default and this is exactly what this app does.

[ VT: Thank you for your support. Please note that colors may appear less vibrant in your device’s built-in calendar app as the device applies some filters to give it a semi-transparent look, and we have no control over this. Other 3rd-party calendar apps may display the colors more vibrantly. ]

Not bad overall ★★★★
by Manic Bobo (United States) – Version 1.2 – 19 October 2012

Not a major choice of colors, all are pastels, and light colors, as used on the ios native calendar. This app lets you change the colors to what you want. I currently run 13 calendars in my ios calendars on my ipad, pod, and 4s fone. This app gives enough variation I can use a variety of different blues for each family member, browns for household, yellows for work, red ( more of a pale rose) for important, white for tasks, greens for girlfriends, etc etc, varieties not offered by the native calendar. When these color show up in some of the other calendar apps (pocket informant, or weeks) they shown up as a solid color, red is RED & not a pastel. Overall it gives more options than the native colors, so it is an improvement granted, not a major improvement, but, enough to make it worthwhile if you want more color control…

Useless ★
by Stacy Braswell (United States) – Version 1.2 – 2 October 2012

I thought it would let me color icon each days event per person in my family. Not. It only allows you to change the color per entire calendar you have in your system. Useless. Wasted money.

[ VT: Sorry, but this is an iOS limitation. However, you can use the app to create a calendar for every member of your family and assign each calendar a unique color. ]

Not bad ★★★
by Don Ryder (New Zealand) – Version 1.1 – 13 June 2012

Not bad once sort it!

Perfect! ★★★★★
by Jkorn3r (United States) – Version 1.1 – 18 April 2012

This app solved all my problems. I have been looking for the perfect calendar for 3 days. It turns out what I was really looking for was a way to add more colors the my calendar to color code different areas of my life. With this app I can use any calendar I want with all the colors I need.
Note: this app is NOT a calendar. It allows you to add different colors or categories to use with your existing calendar. I think that was confusing to some.

Does what it says ★★★★★
by JAMES MCBRIDE (United States) – Version 1.1 – 17 April 2012

This is not a Cal program. It allows you to assign colors to your cal. Works well.

Nano ★★★★★
by Lilikins34 (United States) – Version 1.1 – 8 February 2012

I love this app because it makes it so easy, visually, to identify appointments and types of appointments because of the range of colors – so many more than came with iCal!

Klein aber Fein ★★★★★
by Спутник23 (Germany) – Version 1.1 – 15 February 2012

Die App hat nicht viele Funktionen. Was sie soll, tut sie bei mir aber zuverlässig. Die Bedienung empfinde ich intuitiv.

Ich habe aktuell 6 Kalender die ich z. T. mit Google synchronisiere. Die Farben lassen sich leider nicht an Google übertragen, aber das ist ein grundsätzliches Problem. Als Kalender Apps verwende ich “Agenda” und “Continuous”. IOS Version 5.0.1 auf IPhone 4S.

Thank you so much ★★★★★
by Ellie Ku (Hong Kong) – Version 1.0 – 3 January 2012

This apps is so amazing! If you don’t have any apple’s computer, you can’t create group not just color! I got MacBook Pro but the problem is apple only have 7 color to choose and NO PINK! Now, I could crate new group with my iPad and change their color! Perfect! Developer, thx for your effort!

It works! ★★★★★
by Mark Peabody (United States) – Version 1.0 – 2 January 2012

Finally. I have been looking for an easy way to set the color for my Exchange calendar. This app does what it says. It let’s you easily set the color for any of your calendars. I will tell everyone at work that had their Exchange calendar turn purple after an iOS upgrade.

E N D L I C H ★★★★★
by DarciDarc (Germany) – Version 1.0 – 29 December 2011

…zuvor war die Farbanpassung der Kalender ja willkürlich. Bis zur IOS 4.3.5 gabs den Trick mit sqlite die Calendar Datenbank zu manipulieren. Das geht ab IOS5 nicht mehr. Aber mit dieser App ist es möglich! Wenn ich jetzt noch die RGB Werte numerisch eingeben kann, dann seid ihr meine Helden…

Please – let us change the colors numerical RGB !!!

[ Google Translate:
F I N A L L Y ★★★★★

by DarciDarc (Germany) – Version 1.0 – 29 December 2011
before … the color of the calendar adjustment was arbitrary. Until the IOS 4.3.5 gabs to manipulate the trick with the Calendar sqlite database. This is no longer from IOS5. But with this app, it is possible! If I can still enter the RGB values ​​numerically, then you are my hero … ]

Good ★★★★★
by Zincc (Canada) – Version 1.0 – 22 December 2011

More colour choices for all my calendars – i like it!

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