All-in-One Year Calendar 2.1

All-in-One Year Calendar 2.1 was finally released last week after going through a rather long review and appeal process. In response to many users’ email feedback, we modified the standard event creation dialog to allow users to create advanced event recurrences. We also added in-app purchase for multiple year calendars. Many users tried to buy extra versions of the app from the App Store and of course found out that this is not permitted on the iPad. So we made this possible at a much cheaper price. Everyone can add one calendar for free, or you can purchase it if you like our work and wish to support us. More calendars can be purchased at the minimum price level for power users, especially business users. Other 2.1 improvements include a revamped markup legend and customizable weekend days. Lastly, we spent a fair bit of time adding holidays for many more countries, doubling the number of supported countries. Stay tuned for more new features and improvements in the future!