All-in-One Year Calendar Manual


  • Optional gestures:
    • Swipe left/right to go to next/previous year; use two fingers when markup toolbox visible.
    • Double tap on the top menu bar to return to the current year.

Day View

  • When markup toolbox is hidden, tapping on a date brings up the popup day view.
  • When markup toolbox is visible, tap on the Date Info tab, then tap on a date to see the toolbox day view. Events and birthdays are read-only in this view.


  • Tap the  Markup button to show/hide the markup toolbox.
    Or by gesture, tap and hold anywhere on the calendar.
  • You can drag the toolbox anywhere you want.
  • Access markup legend from the Legend tab of the markup toolbox or Settings > Markups.
  • Fast Multi-Day Markup: Quickly apply markups for multiple days such as 5 days in a row, an entire month, or all Tuesdays by dragging your finger across consecutive days in a row/column within a month. You can turn this option off in Settings > Markups.