All-in-One Year Calendar

Designed just for the iPad™, it is an easy-to-use yet powerful yearly planner, complete with markups (scribbles or colors), holidays, notes, event syncing with iPad supported calendars, advanced repeat rules, birthdays and anniversaries, fiscal week numbers, and tons of calendar customizations. It works perfectly for day-to-day and long-term planning. See your deadlines in a glance, mark important dates, schedule vacations, record shift work, track your new year resolutions, and much more.

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Want to securely delete sensitive documents or quickly erase large files to free up space from your Mac™, USB device, or another external drive, without having to empty your entire Trash? FileShredder provides a simple solution for shredding anything right away from your computer.

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Calendar Color Picker

Since you cannot color code each event in the built-in Calendar app, why not instead create multiple calendars to categorize your events? Choose whichever colors you want—from a palette of colors—for your calendars and their events on your iPhone™, iPod Touch™, or iPad™.

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